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A Career of Automotive Experience

PartsAdviser founder Bill Bass (enhanced!) who has years of automotive experience in the aftermarket industry.

PartsAdviser founder Bill Bass (enhanced!) who has years of automotive experience in the aftermarket industry.

Hello, my name is Bill Bass, and I love most things automotive. My automotive experience is listed below, but first, a little bit about myself.  I was born in Southern California. I have also lived in Arizona, and I currently reside in beautiful Cedar Falls, Iowa. I have been in the automotive care industry since 1986, when I got my first job selling auto parts. I apologize to all of those customers I learned on, but that is the subject for another post on training!. I’ve worked on every vehicle I have owned, but I do have a number of repairs done at a repair shop that I trust. I have bought one new vehicle in my life, everything else that I have driven I have picked up used, which is obviously my preferred method. Currently I drive a ’98 Expedition with 227k miles on it, and an ’08 Milan with 125k miles on it.

Professionally, my automotive experience has hit most of the automotive parts aftermarket. As I mentioned before I worked the parts counter for a “lot” of years. I was a store manager for multiple independent jobbers as well as a large company owned store. I have had automotive experience in the CarQuest, BigA, and PartsPlus program groups. I have been General Manager for company owned store groups covering multiple states with as many as 16 stores at a time. I was also a regional sales manager covering much of the Midwest with as many as 23 stores at one time. I have called on other Jobber Stores and Company Owned stores in a sales role.  I owned a brick and mortar parts store / industrial supply company for 10 years until the housing market crash forced us into bankruptcy. Most of my automotive experience has been on the wholesale / commercial  side of the parts business. In an effort to shift with the times and my available resources, I have been learning and competing in the e-commerce arena in recent years as well. I have experience on Amazon, eBay Motors, and selling directly through websites.  Currently I am working on an automotive tool site, a specialty “first to market” automotive site, and a relaunch of our full automotive website

Automotive Philosophy

It is my intention to use my automotive experience to facilitate and drive mutually beneficial change in our industry.

  • Too often, the relationship between the repair shop, the parts supplier, the consumer, the manufacturers, and the technicians takes on an adversarial edge. I believe the truth is that we can all help each other to get what we need and want while simultaneously doing what is right for our local, national, and global communities.
  • Based on my automotive experience, I believe there are many things that the auto care industry can do a number of things to minimize the impact of transportation on the environment. I believe this is a responsible approach that will pay dividends for our generation as well as generations to come.
  • I try to always remember that we aren’t the hat or the uniform that we put on. Everybody we come in contact with through our businesses or personal lives is a real person with a real back story. They have had their struggles, they have had their victories, and the combination of those things makes them unique. I try my best to remember that and treat everyone with respect.
  • It is my belief that continuous education in whatever form is what makes us good stewards and citizens. Luckily, I am smarter today than I was yesterday, and God willing I will be even smarter tomorrow. Along with this I try to always maintain an openness to changing my views and opinions based on new information. I don’t think I am that smart that I know all, or even most of, the answers, but that doesn’t keep me from trying to find them.
  • Mostly, I think that the combination of humility and communication has the power to change people, to change industries, and to change the world.

Lastly, I look forward to using my automotive experience to help drive conversation, learning, and some fun. Oh, and if you are mean, please don’t post. It is your right to be mean, but I don’t like mean people and lack of mutual respect for everybody kills conversation.

Take care.


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